YHF Summit 2021


The Youth Health Forum (YHF) was launched in 2018 by the Consumer Health Forum with members are aged 18-30 from across Australia with diverse backgrounds, identities, and lived experience. Their collective knowledge spans physical and mental health services, involvement with the NGO and community sector and engagement with local issues. The YHF has been funded by the Commonwealth to provide advice and leadership in youth health policy and to champion the youth perspective in national discussions.

The YHF works with CHF member organisations from around the country as well as federal government bodies to ensure that the voices of young health consumers are heard and respected. We do this through consultations, collaborative discussions and policy recommendation development.

If you are a young person interested in becoming a member of the Youth Health Forum, you can find our more here

If you are interested in becoming a CHF member organisation you can find out more here


YHF wishes to thank the program advisory members who assisted the development of the program for the YHF National Summit.

  • Ms Leanne Wells, CEO of CHF and Chair of the Program Advisory Committee 
  • Prof Katharine Steinbeck, Wellness, Health and Youth CRE 
  • Dr Sandro Demaio, Vichealth 
  • Kerryn Pennell, Orygen 
  • Penny Dakin, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth 
  • Page Burton, Foundation of Young Australians 
  • Chelsea Gourgaud, Health Consumers Queensland 
  • Dr Rogan Borschmann, Australian Association of Adolescent Health 
  • Jamine Eliott, Zinab Al Hilaly, Georgia Gardner and Roxxanne Macdonald, YHF Young Leaders 
  • Luke Catania, YHF National Coordinator